Hi, I'm Kenneth! 👋

I help companies make better decisions with user research, data and experimentation.


I currently work as a business designer at Nordkapp, a strategic design firm based in Helsinki with worldwide clients such as Nokia, Oura and ING.

My focus areas are product discovery and validation, helping clients ranging from startups to telcos and banks to design and validate new digital products.

As part of my thesis research at hotel technology startup Valpas, I evaluated the business opportunity for a new online travel platform with experiments to validate ideas with users.

As one of the first-ever interns at food delivery startup Wolt, I analysed customer problems and created a process to measure and track the biggest ones to help prioritise product development.

As a product intern at the fintech firm Trustly, I evaluated the design and security of mobile banking apps and benchmarked the competitive landscape of online payment products.

Case studies

Although my latest professional work is protected under NDA, the following university projects in product development broadly describe my approach to problem solving.


Goal - Identify a real-world problem and create a functional solution with software engineering.

Outcome - Developed a proof of concept of a new product that instantly detects fraud on CVs. Later raised pre-seed funding and launched a startup.

Neighbourhood Car

Goal - Find business opportunities in transportation with user-centered design methods and design a new viable service.

Outcome - Created a new car sharing concept and validated real user demand for it. A similar commercial service later launched in the area.


Goal - Apply design thinking methods to solve a challenge brought forward by a global company.

Outcome - Designed a digital workplace concept based on extensive needfinding and prototyping with end users.


Goal - Analyse the banking situation and problems faced by people in developing countries and explore how Bitcoin could provide a potential solution.

Outcome - I designed a secure mobile payment system and implemented the required applications with a focus on security aspects.


I aim to hit the sweet spot of combining technology, business and design. With an educational background that touches all three fields, I’m able to collaborate and communicate efficiently in the language of various stakeholders. Having lived in Finland, Belgium and the UK, I’m also culturally conscious and adaptive to new environments.

Outside of work, I love to discover new places, explore electronic music or simply have a game of squash with friends.