Hi, I'm Kenneth! 👋

I enjoy designing digital products that people want, are realistic to develop and have business potential.

Project portfolio

Case studies of a few product development and design projects I've participated in.


Digital workplace for global companies.


Service that verifies education on CVs to prevent fraud.


Social network for technology entrepreneurs.

Skills & Interests

I like to "get out of the building" to get real data and learn from customers to discover their needs and problems. I believe that qualitative and quantitative research can help to identify behaviour, underlying motivations and jobs-to-be-done.

I always try to validate assumptions cheaply and quickly with different tools and fidelity levels. For example, I've created paper wireframes, Sketch/Figma mockups, HTML & CSS prototypes and functional web apps to evaluate concepts and get feedback.

Although I think empathising with users is really important, I also aim to keep the bigger business goals and competitors in mind. This helps with prioritising the right problems to solve and positioning the product in the market.


I’ve always liked being creative with computers, having designed and coded my first web page when I was 12.

After graduating from the international European School in Brussels, I studied Computer Science at Imperial College London where I especially enjoyed the projects in product development.

To deepen my skills and knowledge in this area, I continued with a master's degree in business strategy and digital product design at Aalto University in Helsinki.
I believe this diverse education has given me both an international and open mindset as well as the ability to connect business, design and technology in my work.

Work experience

I've had internships at tech companies in the mobile gaming, food delivery and online payments sectors. I'm also a founding member of a seed-funded EdTech startup and currently I'm writing my master's thesis in collaboration with Valpas, a hotel technology startup.

My work tasks have included things like quality assurance, data analysis, competitor benchmarking, user research and prototyping.


For more details, please check out my CV or LinkedIn profile!